Our Process Explained

At Elcom Homes we endeavour to make the
process as easy as possible.

At Elcom homes we believe we have simplified the process of designing, approving and constructing your home with minimal stress to you and your lifestyle. Below is a break down of our process.

Stage 1 /

First point of contact will be with our receptionist at Elcom homes head office in Baulkham hills, the following information will be required, full name, contact number, email address, location and in regard to knock down rebuild or new home ect. Our sales representative will send you an information pack about Elcom Homes and our standard inclusions on all our homes along with a question air, you will be required to fill in the details to the best of your knowledge and send back to Elcom Homes before we can proceed to stage 2.

Stage 2 /

Preliminary tender stage, at this stage we provide a free of charge site inspection alongside the owner of the land. Once the site inspection has been carried out an extremely detailed and accurate quote will be provided, showing square meters of the house, bathroom square meters, kitchen lineal meters and all other important factors of the home using the information gathered from stage 1. This price is accurate with no hidden cost. The price will include all Elcom Homes standard inclusions which would have been sent to you during stage 1.

Stage 3 /

At stage 3 of the quoting process, any items requested by you not part of our preliminary tender will be added with the price adjusted to suit. Unfortunately, any items you would like to down-grade will not be possible as Elcom Homes has a high standard of inclusions which cannot be altered across all our homes.

Stage 4 /

Before Elcom Homes can proceed to stage 4 an invoice will issued to you to complete the design stage (this invoice will be pre-contract but allowed for in the preliminary tender). Once payment has been received, Elcom Homes can book in a meeting for you to meet the rest of the team. During stage 4 the exciting process of designing your home begins. You will receive a 2-hour session with our registered architect and our in house interior designer to incorporate all your visions into a home of your own. With the information gathered during this meeting our designers will send you a draft plan shortly after.

Stage 5 /

During stage 5 you will receive a copy of a draft floor plan and front façade. Once the plans have been approved by the client. Elcom Homes will provide two 3D images. One 3D image of the front façade and one of the kitchen living and dining areas. This helps to get an idea of the finished product Elcom Homes provides. During this stage, Elcom Homes allows our clients to make minor adjustments to the plans ensuring we achieve the vision our client has of their home. Any additional items you may want to add can be done during this stage with the price being adjusted to suit any changes.

Stage 6 /

Final stage before construction. A second invoice will be issued to you for the approval stage (this invoice will be pre-contract but allowed for in the contract tender). All relevant documents required for approval will be completed during this stage and lodge to the local council for approval. Once approval has been received Elcom Homes will contact the client to book in a start date for construction.

Stage 7 /

Commencement of construction. A project manager will be assigned to your job with Louie our builder being the project director. During this stage you will have direct contact with Louie at all times during construction period.

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